Meet our TEAM


Director and production manager. The artistic soul of our team. Creativity and throwing out fresh ideas are Roksana's specialty!


Cinematographer, editor, focus puller, and essential on-set presence. The operational brain of our team.Co-owner of the brand.


Production manager and casting manager. Focus, precision, composure in random situations.
Order on set is not a matter of chance.


Director, cinematographer, founder of the Stykky Media brand. Creativity is his middle name.
Co-owner of the brand.


Set designer and creative mind. Anything we come up with, Bartek can create. Impossible things take him 2 days.


Content creator. Each production is polished on his screen. Co-owner of the brand.

For over 10 years, we've been producing content for the music and entertainment industry.
We deliver music videos and promotional materials from events both in Poland and abroad.
We're a close-knit team, each of us aiming to create content that will captivate the audience. We understand the industry inside out.
We handle production from A to Z, striving to achieve our client's goals. We'll help you reach your destination.