Creative content for social media

In response to the demand for social media materials, we started creating vertical content.
Our goal is to engage the viewer right from the beginning.

How to captivate the audience?
- Maintain viewership until the end of the content. The most crucial element that translates into wider reach and stays in the recipient's mind. The first few seconds are crucial, and it must continue to be equally good :)

- Every brand offers different services, products, and has its own unique image. The materials must align with it while also fitting into current trends.

- Instagram stories, advertising campaigns in posts. Each piece of content should have a specific goal and work towards achieving it.

Production. How do we do it?
- We establish a vision and prepare ideas.
- We consider what format will be the most effective.
- We plan the shoot day.
- We proceed with editing, effects, and styling. We consult with the client.
- We deliver the finished product and assist with its publication.

Daily - creating during the event
Social media videos and photo carousels during the event. We can create content quickly.