Film crew for special quests

For over 12 years, we've been offering film services.
Shots of vehicles, chases, and extreme sports - ready for anything.

Equioment setup:
- RED Helium 8k camera
- Canon R5 cameras
- 360 cameras and GoPro
- Inspire 2 drone
- FPV drones
- PROAIM car rig
- Ronin 2, Ronin RS3

What we can handle?

- Stable shots during speeds up to 160km/h
- Full camera and focus control
- Professional RED cameras
- Ability to achieve any perspective
- Variety of mountings - quads, snowmobiles, cars

Production. How do we do it?
At the very beginning, we define the purpose of the production and choose the appropriate type of communication.
Encouraging product acquisition, establishing brand memory in the market, or attracting new interested audiences - each goal requires a different form of communication.

Idea, budget, script, and logistics. All these elements contribute to a successful production.

Shooting plan, film crew, and collaboration with the client.

Post-production. The magic of editing.
We back up the footage and conduct file selection.
We proceed with editing and consult with the client.
We perform final post-production and color grading.
We deliver the finished product.

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