Content creators for your event

Materials for publication delivered during the event.
Reels, photos, and regular aftermovies.

What we offer?
|| Aftermovie - a longer, several-minute film showcasing a variety of attractions and events.
|| Reels
- vertical content for publication on social media. Short and dynamic forms engaging the viewers.
|| Photo reportage
- photos tailored for social media carousels.
|| Daily
- we provide ready-to-use materials, photos, and videos during the event itself. We support marketing teams.

What does the client gain?
|| We create an image of the event through the eyes of the viewer, allowing the audience to identify with participants who enjoy numerous attractions and engage in the event's program. This encourages their own participation.

|| We showcase sponsors and strive to present them in the best possible light. We inform potential future investors about the wise decision to support the organizers.

|| We pay close attention to the products/attractions that matter most to the client. We reach potential customers, showing them how they can gain valuable experiences.

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