Film crew for artists

For over 12 years, we have been providing artists with the production of promotional materials for their personal brands.
We are a team composed of writers, cinematographers, editors, stylists, and set designers.

What does the client gain?- every artist carries a distinct artistic message - emotional and visual. In our productions, we aim to help build the artist's brand and convey the essence of their creativity to the audience.
- we showcase sponsors and strive to present them in the best possible light.
- we inform potential investors about the right decision in supporting the artist.
- during the initial pre-production phase, we establish the vision for the final product, which we adhere to throughout the subsequent stages.

Production. How do we do it?
- we define the vision and prepare the script.
- we create set designs, collaborate with makeup artists, consult the vision with stylists, and manage logistical aspects.
- we plan the shooting schedule according to the previously established timeline.
- we feel satisfaction after a day of shooting.

Post-production. The magic of editing.
- we back up the footage and select the gathered files.
- we commence editing and consult with the client.
- we perform final post-production and color grading.
- we deliver the finished product and assist in its publication.

martin silence
kasia popowska
monkey higher
coco boys
curtis m
Miły Pan